Driving License Attestation Procedure

Step: 1

  1. Get the license attested from BRTA 
  2. Get an attested Authentication Letter from BRTA

Step: 2

  1. Get both documents attested by the Ministry of Law
  2. Get both documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Step: 3 

  1. Get both documents attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul

Embassy attestation procedure:

  1. Submit both documents(driving license & authentication letter)
  2. A copy of Passport
  3. A copy of Residence Card
  4. Payment slip
    (Note: Online Payment is NOT ACCEPTED. ATM or Bank Receipt Acceptable Only)

Payment information:

Attestation fee: https://seoul.mofa.gov.bd/en/site/page/Consular-Service-Fee-Chart-1 or Consular Fee Chart

Bank: KEB Hana Bank, A/C no.166-890000-59001, A/C name: 주한 방글라데시 대사관


Applicant may send their attestation documents by post. Applicant must pay the attestation fee and attached the money receipt with other required documents . In order to receive your attsted dosuments by postal service, applicant must write their self-address with prepaid a 4,000 won post stamp and a return envelope.